Discover the Beauty and Mystery of the Moroccan Sahara Desert

Morocco Sahara desert

To the south and east of the Atlas peaks, the weather becomes extremely desirable and dry. This is where Morocco Sahara deserts begin. Sheer unlimited in size, the south of the Country contains. And few compensations are even more infrequent in urban centers.

Isolated from the bustling cities is along the coast by towering peaks. The Moroccan desert in the south is different from the northern regions. While the Sahara is easily accessible, the Moroccan desert primarily consists of a terrain known as Hamada.

Visiting the Sahara Desert in Morocco

Sahara Desert in Morocco

If you are going to Morocco, seeing the Sahara Desert should be at the top of your bucket list. The tranquility and infinite loveliness of the rose gold Morocco sand dunes is like nobody else on earth. 

Whether you’re going on a methodical tour. And a day trip or you’re touring in Morocco alone. Also, let us share our Morocco desert pieces of knowledge to help guide your Morocco trip planning.

Where is the Sahara Desert in Morocco?

The two biggest Erg in Morocco are Erg Chebbi and Erg Chigaga. Both lie in an extensive semi-arid region. And that is in the rain cloud of the three Atlas peak fields. And near is the sealed frame with Algeria in southern Morocco.

Most of this area is also Hamada, which has its own looks and fixation. In the case of the Erg’s, the character is sand obtained down from the Ziz and Rheris rivers, which forms the huge light sand dunes in Morocco that individuals come east for when the desert buzzes.

Neither Erg is technically in the Sahara desert, but they are considered as the gateway to the Sahara, which lies a bit to the south. Historically, camel corteges would go from the Erg’s for the trans-Saharan custom way.

The quiet Spanish Sahara region, now known as Western Sahara, is declared by Morocco as part of its territory and directed to within Morocco as the ‘Southern Provinces.’

This place is most certainly part of the Sahara, but there’s not greatly in the way of big dunes, and governments may suggest their nationals against crossing to the Western Sahara because of safety risks, so we wouldn’t suggest staying.

Erg Chebbi is the most affordable dune area, with a paved road into Merzouga, the small village that sits at its ground. Erg Chebbi rises to 160m at its ever-changing most elevated significance and is 110 km yard.

Visit Morocco’s Sahara Desert

Visit Morocco's Sahara Desert

For an ideal experience, it’s recommended to book your Sahara Morocco desert travels and tours well in advance. You will presumably have no matter if you’re running to the desert in the winter months, but spring and autumn can get engaged, and the best principles will get reserved early. 

The finest time for visiting the Sahara Desert in Morocco is between October and June. Daytime temperatures are mild, and it typically is dry with humidity as low as 10%, with sandstorms more frequent from January.

During the Moroccan winter, particularly between December and early February, night temperatures lower, sometimes below freezing, and those taking a desert tour in Morocco need to cover up sociable.

The Sahara desert Morocco climate is harsh in the summer months. June to September can be unbearably hot, with July and August day highs often crossing 50°c. Many camps close, and desert tours in Morocco do not take place during these months.

Go to Erg Chebbi Freely

 Erg Chebbi

If you are road-tripping in Morocco, it would be a missed chance not to visit Erg Chebbi. If you’re traveling from Marrakech, expect a nearly nine-hour drive to reach Merzouga, one of the more budget-friendly desert towns.

Getting to Merzouga


Navigate across the infamous High Atlas mountains through the Tizi n’ Tichka pass. And a route That has been under construction since the French left Morocco in 1956. whether it’s ever actually been completed and is now being elevated is anyone’s guess. But the chances of you encountering roadworks and unsealed pistes are highly likely.

Stop at Ait Ben Haddou en route and spend a few hours in the UNESCO World Heritage Site-protected mud redbrick ksar, which sits on the edge of the Oued Ounilla, where Lawrence of Arabia is situated.

Arriving in Merzouga

Book your hotel before reaching Merzouga, or the first hotelier will bound you when you arrive and herd you directly to them. Housing is a big company here, and most hotels have look-outs strategically placed on the route into the village.

We suggest you stay at Kasbah Kanz Erremal for modern and spotlessly clean spaces with a great pool watching the dunes. The hotel can also organize desert tours for you.  

If you intend on camping or you’re touring in an overland truck or motorhome, we suggest Haven Le Chance in Hassilabied just above Merzouga, where you’ll have direct entry to the dunes.

Astounding Realities about the Sahara Desert in Morocco

Let’s study together some fantastic facts about the Moroccan Sahara.

Not Temperature Tight as We All Think

The most elevated Temperature in the desert is around 30°C (80 °F) top. However, it can get freezing at night, getting about -6°C (19 °F)

Flora and Fauna

Adjusting to the savannah plain requirements once, scientists from all over the world have successfully registered many animal and plant species that believe Morocco and the Sahara are their eternal home. The plants have serious and robust roots to search for moisture, and the creatures mainly live close to the Nile.

A Camel heaven

People utilized camels for the transportation of goods from one place to another, familiarizing themselves with camels and the Sahara around 200 A.D.

 The nomads would form the well-notable “caravans” to transmit tea, cotton, herbs, and spices.

These unique animals can fight heat and water loss by holding fat on their humps. So, if you want to appreciate the Sahara as a whole, spoil in a camel ride. We ensure that you won’t lament it.

A Spot for the Free Spirits of the World

Nomads once roamed Morocco extensively, seeking to travel from one place to another. Relying on the season, they either drive closer to the residents that live near the water or away from them. The place’s soul and energy will encourage you to learn, develop, and rely more on your feelings.

A Desert in Water

Moreover, the presence of moisture throughout the area adds to its allure. Morocco offers a diverse range of landscapes, including mountains, basins, and rock flats.

“In particular, the most distinctive feature is its dunes. Erg Chebbi, known as the ‘Sea of Dunes,’ comprises the most prominent and specified set of dunes in the Sahara. Located in the southeast of Morocco, near Merzouga, it will provide you with a profound insight into Moroccan culture and tastes.

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