11 Best Morocco Camel Rides: Discover the Desert Riding in a Unique Way

Morocco Camel Rides

Morocco is a symbolic country for the amazing adventurous Camel Rides on the back of the camel. It is a memorable journey with enchanting heartbeat riding to discover the most distinguished desert of Morocco. 

On the journey, you will learn about the brilliant indigenous cultural civilization of the Berber people. Camel trekking is a brilliant experience for the traveler to the Berber civilization. The camel trekking activity increases rapidly and unexceptionally as the people show their interest and love. 

From Where to Start Camel Rides Trekking

Marrakech is an animated city of foreigners who affectionate and appreciate traveling. There are various historical and amazing sites to travel to. Here, you can launch your trekking starting from the brilliant view of mountains to survey the valleys and Berber hospitality with passion and trust.

There are many opportunities and choices for trekking the desert places. One option for riding is the Sahara desert, and the other trekking place is the Agafy desert.

These trekking sites take the time from a few hours to a day and two and three days. If you decide to trek for more time, you have to spend the night in traditional tenting. Another place choice to embark on the riding journey is the Atlas Mountains.

My Best Choices for Camel Trekking in Morocco

camel trekking in Morocco Morocco Sahara Exploration

The choices rely upon the period and budget. You can choose the trekking according to choice and time frame. There are many options and choices, so tourists face problems selecting the tour track. Her ewe will explain the tour in all aspects so you can choose the best one.

  • Moroccan luxury camel riding: whole night elite camping outing to Zagora
  • Chief period camel desert tour: three-day Merzouga camel trekking trip
  • Top budget camel trek visit: whole day visit to the Atlas mountains with hiking and camel riding
  • First-class tour with camel trekking in the desert: Atlas mountain and desert tour 

Top Trekking Sites in Morocco

1. One Night Elite Tenting Adventure in Zagora

Night Elite Tenting Adventure in Zagora

The Zagora IS a brilliant place for visitors to explore the historical desert. There is comfortable camping for the night to spend easily and no security risk. You will experience the traveling from Marrakech to Ouarzazate, the entrance point with brilliant botanical greenery, to the Sahara Sand Dunes. 

It is also the opportunity to discover the most ancient village and historical places at Ait Ben Haddou Kasbah, the globally recognized heritage site by UNESCO. Here, you will experience the camel trekking ride with a lot of fun and enjoyment. You will spend the night in a luxury camp on the Sand dunes.

2. Adventure of Berber civilization of Marrakech and Atlas Mountains Trip

Camel ride trekking in mountains and Dunes

If you are deciding on a fascinating tour of Morocco, then you should also enlist those amazing tour sites. This is not only the camel riding trekking. There is much more to explore. It will be a memorial opportunity to visit the brilliant cultural civilization and aromatic Moroccan food. You will visit the Imlil village and Atlas mountains with their lush greenery and amazing beauty. You will experience these things.

  • Historical Berber village
  • Moroccan tasteful mint tea
  • Argan oil-prepared cookies
  • Camel ride trekking in mountains and Dunes
  • Imlil Waterfall and Toubkal Summit Valley experience.

3. Marrakech:3 Nights Merzouga Desert Camel Trek

Nights Merzouga Desert Camel Trek

This is the amazing desert of Morocco with the largest dunes of sand. Trekking in this desert with a thrilling heartbeat and the highest passion refreshes the mind. Here, you will also go through the astonishing landscape of Morocco. It will be the juncture to pass the camping night in the sand dunes.

Three Days Trip Manual 

You will go to Daddes Gorges from Marrakech, bypassing the mountain atlas. You will spend the night in the Daddes Gorges.

On day two, you will travel to Tinger City, located in the Souss-Massa-Daraa region in the Todgha Valley. You will explore. 

  • Erfoud city
  • Fossilized marble
  • Rossini city
  • Highest Erg Chebbi dunes view

4. Atlas Mountain One-Day Hiking Travel

Moroccan Camel Ridin and Cultural Involvement

Start tripping early breakfast with immersive driving skills before reaching Imlil Valley. You will visit various Berber villages. This trip includes the wonderful view of the mountain ranges of Moroccan camel ridin and cultural involvement.

5. Multi Day Desert Settlement

The marvelous traveling starts from the green desert of Atlas Mountain through the road of the Kasbah and the Sahara Desert. The Sahara Desert has vast and long dunes to astonish the visitors.

On the first day, you will visit the Tizi- n -Tichka Pass, which will take you through Berber village culture and brilliant waterfalls. Take a trip to the popular Ait Benhaddou Kasbah, a UNESCO globalized ancestral site.

You will go through Todra Gorges by road of 1000 Kasbahas. The first to go to the capital of the Alaouite Dynasty Sunset camel ride into Erg Chebbi Dunnes.

6. Camel Trekking in Tangier

Camel Trekking in Tangier

It is a famous place for tourists akin to riding trekking in an amazing environment. Tangier connects Europe and Africa. It also relates the Atlantic to the Mediterranean Ocean. So it is a popular and important site for tourism.

 It is far from Morocco, and there are very few opportunities for camel riding. You can ride camels on the outskirts of the city. You will face many camel riders before riding, dealing with the period and cost of riding.

7. Camel Ride Trekking In Marrakech

Camel Ride Trekking In Marrakech

It is the most thrilling destination and enjoyment site to experience camel riding and much more in Morocco. It is the place for elite and luxury lifestyle celebrities to explore Morocco. The Marrakech named the entrance site to the Sahara Desert. There are various places where you will try camel riding with great passion.  

8. Ride a Camel Trekking In the Agafay Desert

Camel Trekking In the Agafay Desert

In recent years, tourism has increased in Aghafy with luxury camping. Agafy location is just near Marrakech. If the visitors have no time period to explore the Sahara Desert, then the Aghafy is the best choice to experience the Aghafy camel ride. The Aghafy is named differently.

It is known as ‘stone desert’ and ‘Moon-like.’ They provide transport from Marrakech to Aghafy. They also facilitate elite camping in the rocky but amazing. The camel riding overnight makes it more fun.

 9. Camel Ride Experience in Dakhla

Camel Ride Experience in Dakhla

The Dakhla is becoming famous as a tourism goal in Morocco. It is present in the southwestern western of Morocco along the Atlantic Ocean near the Mauritania border. It is popular with its wind that attracts windsurfers and kite surfers from around the globe. You can camel ride in Dakhla through kite and surfer booking camp.

10. Palm Grove Quad Bike with Camel Ride Trip

Camel Ride Trip

Visit Palm Grove to enjoy your own quad bike, passing through the palm trees and desert dunes. Then, take a leisurely camel ride trekking with a lot of passion and joy. Take the taste of mint tea and record memorial pictures and film.

11. Ouzoud Falls Day Marrakech Visit

Ouzoud Falls Day Marrakech Visit

It is the most popular and highest-range waterfall in North Africa. Explore the landscape of foothills and olive groves. Go to the 330-foot-high waterfall, then pass the river through Barige. Go to the cafe at the bank of the river and look at the barbary apes in the valley. This is freedom from the busy Marrakech to refresh and entertainment.

Camel Riding in the Moroccan Desert Memorial Adventure

Everyone has their own way of thinking and hobby. All these activities are inhibited due to the environment, parents, friends, and educational teaching. Almost all Moroccan visitors are interested in camel riding as a trending ride in this culture and environment.

Tourists are akin to camel riding to discover the top dunes of the Moroccan desert. Camel riding as a hobby or profession was adopted centuries ago. People ride camels for various ambition riding, goods transport, and traveling from one place to another place.

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