The Ultimate Guide to Using Moroccan Black Soap for Beauty

Moroccan Black Soap

The Wonder of Black Soap

Moroccan people have used this product for centuries due to its health advantages. Hamma is a traditional bath in Morocco, and this natural soap is a divine gift for the people of Hamma. It’s a very demanding item in Morocco, but now it is also exported to other countries. You can buy the product from various online markets like Amazon and Walmart anywhere in the world.

However, Morocco is a wonderful country with an earlier historical heritage and various tourist sites. Its amazing diversity of landscape is the central point for tourism for the local and international visitors. Visitors across the globe also purchase wonders of this product for gift and personal use. 

What is Moroccan Black Soap

Moroccan Black Soap

This is also known as Beldi Soap in traditional Arabic. The amazing soap is a Castile product, and it is made of various organic plant products. If you are assuming that it is made of animal fat, then you are totally wrong. It is completely free from fats, and natural resources and ingredients make it perfect.

The Castile Soap is one of the best choices in the Market in contrast to other traditional soap products. Generally, its ingredients include olive oil and macerated natural olive oil. Furthermore, it moisturizes like butter and is rich in vitamin E.  

There is another confusing product of cosmetic soap famous as African Black soap that confuses the clients. Be aware of this deception and do not understand it as an alternative to this item. Castile or Beldi soap is usually famous as the compassionate of the two and has a better cleansing effect.  

Properties and Advantages of Moroccan Black Soap

It is a trending demand item in Morocco, but now its demand is increasing globally. Its useable and beneficial properties increase its demand all over the world. Its first property, which people prefer, is the removal of dead skin on the upper skin surface of the body.  The soap contains olive oil and butter that keeps the skin soft and smooth. Furthermore, it also protects the body from dead skin and toxic and harmful germs.

Properties like removing germs and impurities in dead skin due to a mixture of Kessa mitt. It saves the skin from harmful attacks of viruses, bacteria, and other germs. Excess of vitamin E is an antioxidant and acts as a bodyguard for the membrane cells. Lastly, you can also get relief from irritation or harshness on the body, which is the result of closed pores on the skin. 

How to use Moroccan Black Soap

To your knowledge, soap is universal for all skin types. All types of body skin can get the benefits of Moroccan soap; however, if you have severe skin problems, then you need to contact your dermatologist.  Additional ingredients like mineral oil, parabens, palm oil, and synthetic preservatives keep away from the use of all other soaps.  

This is the item that is deeply used in Moroccan rites in terms of cosmetics used to glorify beauty. Follow these steps to get all the benefits for ritual ceremonies and other occasions. 

If you can support Steam up the Hamam because it is the best Hammam experience. It’s up to you to steam it or not; however, steam it up for better results. When you are ready to bathe, take a layer of the soap on your whole body and leave it for ten to fifteen minutes. 

After ten or fifteen minutes, take a shower, remove all the soap, and scrub your body with Kessa’s glove.

Traditional Hammam and Soap

Traditional Hammam and Soap

Hammam uses Beldi soap for several ceremonies and traditional rites. Women slathered soap with its olive base soap for fifteen minutes and scrubbed with kessa. It refreshes skin by removing dead skin cells, giving moisturizing and softness. Visitors were astonished that it provided such softness, freshness, and smoothness after washing it the first time. 

After soaking and scrubbing with it and its moisturizing treatments, ingredients like Blams and oils feel free and light. If you are living in Morocco, you can directly enjoy it, but no worries if you are out of Morocco. You can enjoy and get this luxury item in your country in different ways. 

Try These Moroccan Black Soap Products

Moroccan Black Soap Products

If you are looking to increase your beauty, you can get a lot of glorified results.  There are so many products and brands that can be easily accessed all over the world. Make sure that you are buying the exact right item. You can try these authentic products given below and don’t buy other fake products. 

Premium Black Soap Quality with Lavender and Argan

In addition to the standard ingredients, this soap has lavender and argan oil added to smoothen the skin and promote relaxation. If you wish to enjoy the full hammam experience, you will need to purchase the scrubbing mitt separately. A cheap one is available here. Though these mitts are really what work in tandem with the soap to remove dead skin, you could also use a coarse loofah.

Zakia’s Moroccan Black Soap

Zakia’s Moroccan Black Soap

It is a natural ingredients product brand, but it also contains eucalyptus and argan. Its eucalyptus and argan addition is for hydration and retrieval. You can buy this kit with a scrubbing kit. You have to ensure a proper hot water supply for the required time. Scrubb the whole week without missing one day. 

Authentic Moroccan black soap

This is a good one to check out if all you’re looking for is some Savon noir to use. A container of the black soap is yours to keep for use in your at-home bathtub. This is the standard soap that is used in Morocco; it has no additions.

Moroccan Shower and Bath Set

This is the kit to get if you want everything you need for a complete Moroccan beauty experience. Together with a ghassoul mask, Jessa for scrubbing, and Savon Noir black soap, it comes packaged. You will have an ample amount of product for your beauty routines because both the soap and the ghassoul weigh one pound each. A storage bag is included with the kit to keep everything organized. 

Additional healthy benefits of Black Soap

Anti-bacterial property  

It is a natural antibacterial that makes the right choice and alternative to chemical cleansers. It is an authentic cleanser of bacteria and microbes. 


 Shea butter has the right ingredients that make it unique for relieving itchiness and soothing dry skin.

Safe For All Skin types 

It maintains all necessary natural products for the skin. Moreover, it is useable for all types of skin.

It doesn’t make skin oily its incredible ingredients prevent oil production in glands.

Helps soothe irritation: it helps soothe itchiness caused by dermatitis and skin allergies. 

Anti-inflammatory: Excess amounts of vitamins A and E are antioxidants that help prevent the attack of free radicals. 

It helps fight acne and clear acne due to propionibacterium. 

Let’s enjoy music and immerse ourselves in past memories of alienation.

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