Hot Air Balloon Marrakech: Soar Over the Red City

Hot Air Balloon Marrakech

Marrakech City is rich in various stunning, absorbing, and passionate activities to perform. This is an incredible and unmissable experience in the bustling city of Marrakech. The most attractive, interesting, and funny thing is to enjoy the hot air balloon Marrakech activity. Moreover, it provides a view of the city from up high as you move slowly over the roof of the house and the Moroccan countryside. Furthermore, This bucket list activity is performed outside of the city over the beautiful view of the vast desert. It is one of the awe-passionate and inspiring activities part of the Marrakech itinerary. Commonly, There are many companies that facilitate the ride for visitors.

Hot Air Balloon Rides in Marrakech, which are Best.

Hot Air Balloon Rides in Marrakech

Marrakesh Classic Balloon Flights 

You will be shifted to the starting point of the flight of the city. The ride will launch from outside of the city. The team will prepare the Balloon to provide the best and classic flight for the tourist. You can also relax and enjoy the Moroccan taste of coffee during the preparation of the Balloon. 

You will climb inside the basket, and they will brief you on safety tips after all the clarification and the process. However, you will enjoy an hour-long ride over the bustling city and the Moroccan countryside. The flight distance depends on the weather and wind situation. Moreover, the flight will cover a nine to 15-mile distance. 

You will also visit the ancient Berber culture. The Berber traditional house is built by use of bricks and mud with a flat roof. Therefore, Take a taste of Moroccan delicious local breakfast before going back to the hotel.

Private Royal Balloon Ride Experience 

Take a private hot air balloon ride for the best aerial view of Marrakech. Moreover, You and your group will have the Balloon and pilot all to themselves on this journey. Honestly, For couples or small groups looking for a more personal experience, this is the ideal tour.

You can go up to 15 miles throughout your hour-long flight, Along with taking in the view of Marrakesh from above. Furthermore, you will also be floating over a traditional Moroccan village and the surrounding countryside. This is a unique opportunity to see Morocco’s countryside in all of its diversity.

You’ll get to eat a typical Moroccan pastry on the flight. Lastly, when you return to your hotel, you will make a stop for mint tea flavour and fresh bread.

How Much Does it Cost for Hot Air Ballon Rides in Marrakech?

Hot Air Ballon rides in Marrakech

Share Ride Cost

The prices may vary according to the type of flight but the shared ride with other passengers. The shared ride costs US$ 190 per person. This price includes other accommodations such as traveling from hotel to ride place and back to hotel. Usually, this Cost also contains tea in the civilian Berber house.  

Private Tour Price

Private type of hot air balloon rides Cost US$ 590 per person. As it will provide a personal experience, it will be more expensive. This reservation will provide the full attention of the pilot. Moreover, It will give more space in the basket. It is a luxury type of ride on the heartbreaking land of desert and Morocco.

What is Covered in a Hot Air Balloon Ride in Marrakesh?

Usually, The ride covers pick-and-drop transportation from the hotel to the launching site. Private flights facilitate more refreshments as compared to shared flights. Private rides give refreshments during the flight in the air. Generally, most of the tours break for tea after enjoying the flight. These are the facilities that hot air balloon provides.

Where do Marrakech Hot Air Balloon Trips Begin?

Marrakech hot air balloon trips begin

Typically, your Marrakesh hot air balloon trip begins with a pickup from your accommodation. When you make your trip reservation, your tour operator will confirm the pickup time with you. You will go to a launch site outside of Marrakesh on the day of your hot air balloon ride, where your flight will take off.

How Long are Marrakesh Hot air Balloon Rides?

The average duration of a hot air balloon journey is four to five hours. This covers the duration of the trip from your accommodation to the launch location. Usually, the safety briefing and the time spent stopping for breakfast en route back to the city. Furthermore, The actual flight lasts for an hour.

What is the Ideal Time in Marrakech for Hot Air Balloon?

Usually, people prefer the morning time for the ride as it is the best time in Marrakech. Generally, The Balloon flies more effectively due to the weather situation, and visitors also enjoy this time. There is cool air and a comfortable situation in the morning time. As the Balloon departs, there are chances to view the sun rising over the city. Moreover, this activity rides the whole year round in the vibrant city of Morocco. However, the spring and autumn are the best or optimal time for the flights. Generally, in these seasons, the weather condition is too good to give a joyful experience.   

Are there any Packages Available that Include Flights in a Hot Air Balloon in Marrakech?

Marrakesh Hot Air Balloon Ride and Spa

Incorporate a soothing spa day into your hot air balloon excursion. However, You will be brought to a traditional spa following your flight, where you can indulge in a traditional Moroccan massage and sauna. Additionally, Moroccan culture places a lot of importance on spas, so this is a fantastic way to get a taste of the local way of life.

Hot Air Balloon Flights and Camel Ride in Marrakech

Hot Air balloon flights and Camel Ride in Marrakech

As we describe, Marrakech is a vibrant city full of many activities and things to perform for fun and experience. However, This tour will be fruitful as you will enjoy Baloon flights and camel rides in the stunning city. This is a way you will adventure the city in two different ways from different angles. Furthermore, You will also explore the civilian culture, lifestyle, and much more that you might not find anywhere in the universe. 

Is it Safe to Ride a Hot Air Balloon Marrakech?

Yes, this is exactly safe and secure to ride on a hot air balloon in the Marrakech. However, it is not in favour of disabled people who use wheelchairs. Moreover, all the passengers should be able to sit in the basket without any assistance. Furthermore, the ride is usually not suggested for pregnant women, specifically for those who are in the final or first stage. The other most important point is that you should not take any alcohol before the flight in the air. Moreover, The person intoxicated form could not join the flight. Additionally, Be aware that alcohol is allowed in the bucket of balloons. 

Travel Advice 

  • Wear layers of clothing for the flight.
  • Start early in the morning in chilly temperatures.
  • Put on closed-toe shoes to launch the site and enter the basket.
  • Bring your camera to record the incredible flight.
  • Moreover, The camera should be fully charged.
  • Take sunglasses, hats, and sunscreen to protect yourself from sunshine.
  • Keep all the safety measures for your safety.
  • Lastly, Take water botels with you. 
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