Explore Al Haouz Morocco: A Journey to the Heart of Morocco

AL HAOUZ Morocco

Morocco’s neighboring countries are Algeria, the Western Sahara, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Mediterranean Sea in the continent of Africa.

AL Haouz Province in Morocco

Al Haouz is located in the center of Morocco, prominent for Toubkal Mountain, Taubkal National Park, Oukaimeden, Imlil Treks Toubkal, PalmGolf Marrakech, Erika, Haouz Garden, Blick Marrakech, Ourika Forest Natural Park, Jenanne EL Moustaassine, Parc Lalla Hasna. Because of the direct link with the Strait of Gibraltar in this city, many European brands are in the flea market, such as Spanish, french, Portugal, and Italian. 

The World’s Most Famous Tourist Palace of Al Haouz Morocco

Province of Morocco 

Jemaa el-Fnaa.

Medina of Marrakesh

Yves Saint Laurent Museum.

Menara Gardens.

Ait Benhaddou.

Bab Agnaou.

Saadian Tombs.

 Musee Tiskiwin Marrakech.

Cascade imlil

Terres D’Amanar

Jemaa el-Fnaa

Jemaa el-Fnaa

Jemaa el Fna to al Haouz, Morocco, is a distance of approximately 48 kilometers… This city is famous for having the best civilization, founded in 1070 AD by Abu Bakar Ibn e Umar. The Jemaa el-Fna is one of the main cultural cities of the world and the international symbol of Al Haouz.The most attractive tourist place in this province, 

Riad Palais des Princesses and Spa is a restaurant in AL Haouz Morocco.

It is a food point and restaurant, especially for tourists. The restaurant has all types of facilities such as air conditioning, well building and rooms, luxury bedrooms and bathrooms. It contains a swimming pool, free Wi-Fi internet access, and a dining area. 

Medina of Marrakesh

Medina of Marrakesh

Medina of Marrakesh city in Al Haouz is better known as the city of luxury. In this city, famous architecture such as Ramparts Badia Palace and Bahia Palace etc.

Table de la Medina is a food point and also a restaurant famous for delicious food after booking tea and coffee-free. Located in AL Haouz. Best hotel for frugal. Because tourists always avoid spendthrifts according to their plans.

Yves Saint Laurent Museum

It is located in AL Haouz. Every year, approximately seventy thousand people from all over the world visit this place. It is one of the masterpieces. This tourist center where tourists from all over the world come and end importantly for notice, in the city people are very nice and friendly, especially with tourists.

A famous restaurant near Yves Saint Laurent Museum in AL Haouz province is Bostan Coffee Restaurant. The distance between the museum and the restaurant is 6 minutes only. It is open 24 hours. In this restaurant, you can enjoy swimming Wi-Fi internet. Here you can enjoy delicious food. 

Menara Gardens

Menara Gardens

Good-looking and pretty park. It is the biggest park in AL Haouz, Morocco. Zoo and Snak House are also present in the park. 

Ait Benhaddou

Ait Benhaddou

Ait Benhaddou has official name ksar of Ait Benhaddou in Al Haouz procince. The city is famous for Moroccan earthen clay architecture. UNESCO approved it in 1987.

Here are some restaurants for world tourists, including La Fibule D, L Oasis D, and La Rose Du Sable. In this restaurant, all types of facilities (kitchen Bar Toilets, Bathrooms, and Natural light) are available.

Bab Agnaou

Bab Agnaou

The etymology of the word Bab is an Arabic word that means door. And Agnaou means mute and also means Black People. Its construction was completed in 1189. It contains nineteen gates. Located in the Al Haouz province of Morocco. 

Saadian Tombs

Saadian Tombs

Saadian Tombs is located in AL Haouz, Morocco’s most beautiful and ancient Tombs and historic site. It was discovered in 1917. The first time it was built in the Saadian dynasty. Near this historic site, many restaurants have Dining areas, kitchens, Menus, Staff for cooperation, restrooms, parking, and Digital payment systems.

Musee Tiskiwin Marrakech

Marrakech, a city in culture and history, boasts the Musée Tiskiwin. This fascinating museum provides a glimpse into the cultural heritage of Morocco and the surrounding region. It was created by Bert Flint, an anthropologist. It is located in a beautifully renovated riad, which is a traditional Moroccan house. The museum can be found in the Mellah district, known as Marrakech’s Jewish neighborhood.


The Musée Tiskiwin holds significance due to its collection, which showcases a diverse range of artifacts and exhibits that depict the cultural and historical connections between Morocco and sub-Saharan Africa. The collection provides evidence of the trade routes, also known as cultural trade routes, that once linked these regions. Bert Flint dedicated an amount of time to exploring Morocco and sub-Saharan Africa, where he gathered an array of items such as jewelry, textiles, musical instruments and art. These objects are thoughtfully presented to narrate the intertwined story of these two interconnected cultures.

Cascade Imlil

Cascade imlil

The Imlil Waterfall, also referred to as Cascade d’Imlil, is a wonder nestled in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, near the village of Imlil. Visitors and hiking enthusiasts are drawn to this waterfall, offering an escape from the vibrant streets of Marrakech, located approximately 60 kilometers away.

North Africa’s Highest Peak.Near Cascade Imlil

The waterfall holds significance for reasons. Firstly, it serves as a resting point for hikers and mountaineers who are exploring the peak in North Africa, Toubkal. The Cascade d’Imlil offers a rejuvenating atmosphere where adventurers can take a deserved break and recharge their energy after an arduous trek to Toubkal.

Environment of Waterfall

Moreover, the presence of the waterfall plays a role in maintaining the ecosystem. The Cascade d’Imlil significantly contributes to irrigation and biodiversity in the region while also serving as a water source for nearby areas. This abundant water sustains a range of plant and animal species, making it an integral part of their habitat.

At Cascade d’Imli, Culture

Cascade d’Imlil not only showcases the natural beauty of the Atlas region but also serves as a window into the rich and unique Berber culture. Visitors to the waterfall often have the privilege of being accompanied by Berber locals, who are famous for their warm hospitality and deep cultural roots. This interaction goes beyond experiencing nature; it creates a cultural exchange that promotes understanding and appreciation.

Enjoyment for Tourists

Cascade d’Imlil offers a tranquil escape for those who visit, allowing them to unwind, embark on hikes, and even indulge in a swim in the natural pools formed by the cascading water. Alongside the waterfall, one can discover cafes and peaceful resting areas where they can savor snacks and traditional Moroccan tea while immersing themselves in the breathtaking vistas of the mountainous terrain.

Terres d Amanar

Terres d’Amanar is an eco-park located atop the Atlas Mountains near Marrakech, Morocco. Spanning over 120 hectares, this park seamlessly combines nature and adventure, offering an experience for both thrill seekers and those seeking tranquility. 


One of the features of Terres d’Amanar is its commitment to tourism. The park aims to minimize its impact on the climate while providing experiences about nature and sustainable living practices. This commitment is evident in their operations that prioritize conservation and their use of methods and materials in construction. By adopting eco-tourism practices, they not only preserve the natural beauty of the Atlas Mountains but also set an example for others.


One of the ways to experience the breathtaking beauty of the surrounding scenery is by embarking on the zip line adventure. This incredible zip line course happens to be among Africa’s longest, offering a journey through nature’s splendor.

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