Best Time to Visit Merzouga Dunes: Desert Escape in Morocco

Merzouga Dunes

The Merzouga dunes are some of the most stunning dunes in Morocco, with some reaching heights of around 100 meters. Some dunes are also around 100 meters tall and have orange-colored sand from the Sahara. Near the dunes is a green palm grove, a unique oasis that stands out against so much orange.

In the showery season, from February to March, lagoons form, like the Daya Tamda. Numerous birds figure, notably the unknown pink flamingo. For this reason, Merzouga is also a visitor interest for those who love wildlife.

What to See in Merzouga Dunes?

Merzouga is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Morocco, especially for adventure tourism enthusiasts. It has an expansive range of quality resorts, inns, and riads, in the type of kasbahs, made from adobe, with the interiors adorned in Saharan Moroccan fashion and fitted with air activity. They’re like a lovely oasis in the center of so much aridness. They have lovely gardens with pools and are the ideal area to cool down and run from the world.

These hotels are completed by permanent campsites found in the small oases, which present a total of tents to rest out in the desert. They usually liven up the knowledge with tasty dinners, 

Some even have free Wi-Fi.

The camps are usually reached by camel. One of the most enjoyable exercises is also mounting the dunes at sunrise on camelback to enjoy the sights. At dark, the star-filled atmosphere is also a sight to see.

Merzouga Dunes is a very nicely -organized place where there are companies that offer day travels like 4X4, camel, horse, quad bike rides, etc.

What to do in Merzouga

The best thing to do at Merzouga Dunes is just to rest and enjoy the vastness of the desert, however, for tourists who like keeping a close schedule.

Traveling Over the Dunes

There are numerous methods to traverse the dunes. In my matter, there are two choices you can enjoy the most. 

  • 4×4: Flying over the dunes is fantastic for adrenaline junkies.
  • Quads (ATVs): a train of riders obeys a focus. If you fear you might fall, don’t. It’s unbelievable to fall.



You don’t require a vehicle to feel the feeling of the desert. Actually, if you do not have a board created for it, in all probability, one of the inns in Merzouga can supply you with one, either for a price or free, if you have acquired some other assistance with them.

Camel Rides

Camel Rides

Almost everyone goes to the tent base through the camel caravan. Multiple people have misgivings in the face since the camels are giant, and rising up on them needs some talent, but after the first 10 minutes, the stress disappears, and you can enjoy the rest of the ride.

Recommend wearing loose and comfortable pants, especially for the camel ride. Because you likely don’t enjoy camel for the rest of the journey(no worries, just bring a plastic bag to keep them until you can wash them when you reach home).

Where to Stay

  • Here is a short inventory of resorts. For more info, head over to my blog position about the best hotels in Merzouga.
  • Spending plan
  • Hostel Hassan
  • Low-Mid reach
  • Maison Tamaright
  • Mid reach
  • Les Roches
  • Extravagance
  • Desert Villa Merzouga or Riad Serai

Where and What to Eat

Taste traditional Moroccan and Berber cuisine while on a culinary excursion in Merzouga. The delicacies of Morocco will undoubtedly entice your taste buds, whether you’re having a hearty bowl of Harira soup for lunch at Chez Youssef or a typical breakfast at Cafe Itrane. To enhance your gastronomic experience, try the fragrant Tajines offered in local cafés or the unique Berber pizza at Cafe Nora in Khamlia. Merzouga also has some locations with rooftop terraces, such as CafeTenere, where you may sip cool beverages while taking in the breathtaking scenery.


For a traditional breakfast or only for a coffee or orange liquid, charge to Cafe Itrane on the south end of the major road. Order a Berber Omelette with or without cheese (cream cheese), some olives, bread, and a coffee.


If you only enjoy a small meal for lunch. Harira traditional Moroccan soup is the best option. You can reach it with a cooked egg and bread to create more fill if you like

The famous place is Chez Youssef, a small shop to the right of Cafe L’Expert, and the soup only costs about 1 € per part. They also cater many home-cooked meals like lentil and white bean soup, which are both vegetarian. And you can eat chickpeas with cow feet or vegetable stew with offals.

Berber Pizza 

Berber pizza 

If you’re hungry and are in a group, go to  Cafe Nora in Khalia, a little town 7 km south of Merzouga, and order Berber pizza. You can either trek there or rent bicycles or take a taxi, of course. The pizza is essentially a balanced bread filled with either beef, chicken, or vegetables and is very good.


Tajine: You can, of study, see Tajine in rather much every cafe in townlet, the best ones in Chez Youssef.

Kofta and Brochette: One of my favored items for dining here is Kofta, meatballs, and brochette, meat skewers, grilled on the small fireplaces they have outside the cafes, with hot gravy and bread.

Rooftop Drinks: There are a pair of places with rooftop terraces on the main road where you can enjoy a sight and a thought. Where you can even enjoy the sight of the big dunes at sunset.


Turbans: You can see a bunch of shops dealing turbans in every color along the major street in Merzouga. There is a rate difference, mostly in periods of the longevity of the colors. Also, they counter in size. Normally, costs are up for argument. The more you buy in one shop, the better the price.

Shoes: There is a little shop named Desert Fox right at the southern end of the major road selling really good quality shoes created from camel leather by the Berber women in the peaks.  

The quality is better than what is in Fez or Marrakech, and the price is right at 12-15 € for most pairs. You can also get a capacity of really pretty camel leather bags here and, of course, turbans, dresses, etc.

The Best Time to go to Merzouga

best time to go to Merzouga

The most suitable moment to go to the desert in Morocco is between October and April. Temperatures range from 16-25°C during the day to 4-15°C at night. The summer is also hot, with temperatures up to 50°C. And it won’t be easy to go into the dunes during the daytime. But you would leave Merzouga Dunes slightly before dusk and yield early, just behind sunrise. It’s not advisable to stay in the desert camps during the scorching summer months.

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