Beaches in Marrakech: Your Guide to the Best Sand and Sun

Beaches in Marrakech

There are beaches in Marrakech At the same rate. There are also beach lodges in Marrakech. Some of them are luxury beach lodges. Most of the moment, beaches are busy and one of the most pleasing places to be in Marrakech. They also have an extensive resort food and liquid list.

Marrakech is simply 16km away from the ocean. The Beach most relative to Marrakech is the Red Shore or Plage Rouge in French. Located on the outskirts of Marrakech, 10km from the Route de l’Ourika

La Plage Rouge

La Plage Rouge

It is not a beach like that, though I think it is essential to mention it. But if you like to battle the heat and have fun without vacating Marrakech. La Plage Rouge is a lodge or a beachfront club for those who do not enjoy traversing several kilometers. It is perfect to reach a coast and have the possibility of enjoying a good swim.

It costs about 15 Euros to join, that is to say, about 150 Dirhams, however relatively inexpensive like the rest of the costs of the city in public. The transfer is free. Suppose you choose to proceed with the transport furnished by the Beach Club itself. You can also locate an automobile on Mohamed V Avenue, above the Congress Palace, in the new municipality of Marrakech.

Best Beaches in Marrakech

  • Brazilian Ocean side Marrakech
  • Nikki Oceanside 
  • Party Ocean side Marrakech
  • Wanassa Oceanside
  • Popular Oceanside
  • K-Ocean side
  • Essaouira Oceanside

Brazilian Ocean side Marrakech

On the off chance that you also require an expansive pool in an in-vogue put. There is a free vehicle that is contiguous and near to the McDonald’s eatery. It also will take you there. The waitstaff is friendly and attentive. 

However, the message is to be cautious when dining without credit, as you may face repercussions. The piece will put you in the temperament of the Pasha of 555 or about the site.

Nikki Oceanside

Nikki Oceanside

It follows the trendy concept of restaurants and beaches found throughout the Miami and Saint Tropez beaches. This Nikki Beach establishment is located in Marrakech.

 It’s a very attractive place to be, although it’s also got its highs and lows. Most of the time, it is not happening at all, which makes for a rather marvelous—and breathtaking adventure.

Party Ocean side Marrakech

The location is off the track and out of the city, so proper and clear. A fish lake and beautiful foliage and plants assist in guiding visitors to the entrance of the preliminary pool and restaurant. They further have also benefit store that you ought to look at. It is inside as they seem to offer shorts, paddling clothing, and colorful slippers.

Wanassa Oceanside

Wanassa Oceanside

The location is off the path and out of the municipality, so it is proper and clear. The passage to the primary pool and restaurant is soothing, with a fish lake and excellent foliage and plants. 

There are additionally two current away shops on the passage. Attempt to wander inside to get fresh, out-of-the-box new swimwear, shirts, and shorts.

Popular Oceanside

Popular Oceanside

This is a Bright Club in Marrakech, a sky bar theme, and so on. Some evenings have a passage price. Women’s Night always means free firewaters and free quotations to ladies consistently. A small shop for low-value garments and decorations for Youthful Ladies is open at the spot and worth a stop.

K-Ocean side

K-Ocean side

Superb seems and lovely music, a nice spot to be with companions. And also have a proper time. We enjoyed the bar on the top bed and supported the more significant portion of our energy there. The music was splendid, and drinks were sensibly estimated. In an extraordinary climate, we drove by this place almost always.

Essaouira Oceanside

Essaouira Oceanside

Essaouira Beach is truly magical, colorful, and quite a relaxing place. And If you go once, you can barely stay to go there once more. It is a lovely town, it is the most loved of most Moroccan city visits. It has lovely shorelines, friendly friendly individuals, and the best nutrition in Morocco. This is a known shoreline in Marrakech.

Lexical Beach Lodging in Marrakech

Berostar Club Palmeraie Marrakech

Also, a Beautiful resort near the Beach

Located a few minute’s drive from the Museum. Also, the Palmeraie, Iberostar Club Palmeraie Marrakech Hotel Marrakesh offers 319 air rooms. Visitors who stay in the forum can also park their cars onsite.

Adouar Marrakech is 2.9 km away from the accommodation, while Club Marmara is around 0.7 km away. The resort is discovered in the Palmeraie community.

Riad Amiris

This Is Also One Of The Best hotels near the Beach

Found 550 meters from the well-known historical monument “Palacio da Bahia.” The 4-star Riad Amiris Marrakesh presents air-conditioned spaces within a five-minute walk of Dar Si Said Museum. Visitors will have admission to public parking nearby for counted convenience.

The forum is established in the Medina neighborhood, a few degrees from Jemaa el-Fnaa Square. The accommodation is 10 minutes’ walk from Marrakesh city inside. Riad Amiris is found on the floor of Souk El Bahja.

Best Beach Hotels in Marrakesh

Riad Mazaya

It’s Also One Of The Largest Pet-friendly hotels near the Beach.

The 3-star Riad Mazaya Marrakesh is placed 0.4 km away from the well-famous historic memorial. “Palacio da Bahia” and 0.2 km from Dar Si Said Local History Museum. Set within reach of the swallowed Badi Palace. The venue features an a la carte cafe filling meals with local cuisine.

The housing is also found within a 15-minute walk from the metropolis center. The resort is also discovered in the Medina precinct. Medersa Ben Youssef College is also just a short drive away.

Wazo Lodging

It is also an Interesting Marrakesh Beach Hotel.

Wazo Hotel is found in Marrakesh, around 4.1 km from Jardin, and presents a year-round outdoor pool. It features 24-hour front desk assistance, dry cleaning, and concierge assistance, as well as a spa center. A sunbathing deck and a solarium.

Cordoba Institute Marrakech is more miniature than 4.2 km out. Cordoba Institute Marrakech is more undersized than 4.2 km out. Wazo Hotel is located a few minutes’ drive from Ogrody.

Another Cheap Hotel on the Beach Is The Mogador Kasbah

Presenting also a tea space and a lending library, Mogador Kasbah Hotel Marrakesh is a Five-minute drive from Agdal Gardens. Medina of Marrakesh is less than 3.9 km away.

This forum is set within comfortable reach of Andre Heller’s ANIMA Garden. And in the center of Marrakesh. The housing is also located in the Agdal district. The private Royal Palace Residence is also a quick movement away.

Modest Ocean side Lodgings in Marrakesh

A Fascinating Ocean side inn for families:

The 4-star Hotel Farah Marrakech Marrakesh is set 2.6 km away from the late 19th-century palace “Palacio da Bahia” and 0.6 km away from the Conference Palace Convention Center. The venue features a year-round outdoor pool and an a la carte restaurant and boasts a location next to Menara Mall.

The accommodation is also located 2 km away from the center of Marrakesh and a couple of minutes drive from the Medina of Marrakesh. The resort is also located in the Hivernage neighborhood.


Most of the point sands are alive and one of the most attractive areas to be in Marrakech. La Plage Rouge is a lodge or a beach club. 

And, For those who do not want to travel several kilometers, work will put you in the personality of the Pasha of 555 or about the site Lovely town, it is the multiple valued of most Moroccan city visits. At the last, It also has lovely shorelines, friendly individuals, and the best nutrition in Morocco.

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