Beaches in Casablanca: A Unique Beach Experience

Beaches in Casablanca

This writing will emphasize the Casablanca, Morocco beachfront. But there is so vastly more to the metropolis. Casablanca is also the largest city in Morocco by people. This trendy metropolis is also the economic means of the country. 

Crowds of enthusiastic people and structures seem to be about every corner of this bustling metropolis. At first glance, you also may find it hard to see the fantasy of Casablanca. And that was seen in the classic film of the same name. 

The charm of Casablanca may not be as well-known as. It is in other Moroccan metropolises, such as Marrakesh. But if you look a little bit advanced, you’ll see that the culture of this metropolis is as decisive.

The Numerous Valuable Beaches In Casablanca, Morocco

  • Plage Lalla Meryem
  • Plage Oued el Abd
  • Plage Madame Choual
  • Ain Diab Oceanside
  • Cabano Beach
  • Plage de Ain Sebaa

Plage Lalla Meryem

Plage Lalla Meryem

This metropolitan beach is also conveniently found next to a handful of taverns and seaside haunts. At the same time, some residents sense relaxed swimming here. And many travelers will inform you that the locks are just too rough. On the sand, you will discover men trading camel and horse rides for a small fee. 

You won’t locate structures, such as hail or bathrooms, on this beach, not even a residence to rinse your feet. Keep this in sense if you plan on joining the surrounding businesses, such as the Anfaplace Mall. 

Plage Oued el Abd

Plage Oued el Abd

Unlike Plage Madame Choual, this beach is unguarded, which makes it a favorite spot for teenagers looking for some space. It’s hoped to see someone hanging out here well into the darkness. This small seaside is also well-known among anglers. And who usually visits good yields about the stones? 

Suppose you’d like to do some shopping. This is the nearest seaside to the Morocco Mall. The modern architecture makes it worth seeing the building itself. The mall contains hundreds of shops and even a film the atre.

Plage Madame Choual

The word “plage” is the French term for beach. So you will also notice this term a lot. When pursuing your beach experience in Casablanca. Plage Madame Choual is the greatest evening beach. Reserve a spot on this vast beach and observe the sun disappear behind the Atlantic for a truly mystical occasion. 

This beach is understood as being the most immaculate in the municipality. It’s also very safe. And with several safety guards watching the area. If sports are your something, you can effortlessly join a game of soccer or volleyball in this place.

Ain Diab Oceanside

Ain Diab Oceanside

Keep in mind that the moisture here can usually be complicated. Swimming is certainly doable. But many visitors will opt for just chilling on the beach instead. Ain Diab has learned to live positively, especially during friendly darknesses when the companies are committed.

Cabano Seaside

This coast is also made up of big rocks. But there’s a lot to visit in the room. There are some nearby gardens, marks areas, and other leafy areas. 

Instead, walk over to Observation Deck Al Âank. But the lid of the statement patio shows. Some of the finest pictures of the metropolis and sea in Casablanca. This is also a great place for stunning views of Hassan II Mosque, the largest mosque in Morocco.

Plage de Ain Sebaa

Plage de Ain Sebaa is not as pleasingly supported. And as some of the other seaside on this inventory. So you may come across a chunk of garbage from moment to time. On the bright side, this seaside is also super cool. And laid-back background servicing the quaint neighborhood of Ain Sebaa. Living away from the leading transient crossroads of the municipality suggests there are fewer crowds. 

This stretch of sand is a favorite place for breezes. You will see many plains, directors, and groups of people wanting outdoor meals. The trick is also constructing certain everyone cleans up after themselves.

Sea Shores in Mohammedia

This suburb is discovered just north of Casablanca. And is housed in some of the finest beaches in the area. Mohammedia may be better understood for beaches than Casablanca itself.

Plage Paloma

Plage Paloma is a big beach. That tends to draw crowds. For as active as the coast can be. There is also not an entire lot going on about it. You won’t find any cafes or other companies working here.

Plage Miramar

The suburban metropolis of Mohammedia offers a ton of opportunities to fill your day. Right subsequent to Plage Miramar. You can watch the ships sailing into the Port and Yacht Club de Mohammedia. There’s also a large fishing pier here. 

Suppose you’d like to modify the sand for fodder. And stroll over to Parc Garden, an overgrown garden striped with fit palm trees. So, There’s also an oversized fishing port here for even more jokes in the Mohammedia area. Check out the nearby golf course and birdwatching area. 

Mannesmann Seaside

The yellow sand on the rear of this coast rises into a rolling occupation of dunes on the central portion of the beach. And you can discover several comfortable daybeds. And that is much more relaxed than your middle beach chair. 

The beach is also mostly secure. But there have been some commentaries on looted items in recent years as long as you maintain a watch on your valuables. And nicely yet, don’t obtain them at all. You should be fine.

Seasides in Tamaris

The suburb of Tamaris is a tranquil getaway from the rush and bustle of Casablanca. You won’t encounter as many beachfronts here. As you will see, just north, there exist as many companies either.

Babaloo Oceanside

At a distance of 20 km away from Casablanca, Babaloo is a nice escape from the city. There are comforts and something to do nearby, such as a spa and a few inexpensive eateries. For the kids, there’s a garden within walking space. 

Road Trips from Casablanca

Beyond Casablanca, there are bunches of beaches along Morocco’s 2,500 km away coastline. Suppose you are up for a quick highway trip. And these are also some of the best beaches the government has to show.



The laid-back town of Taghazout is understood for having the finest surf in the motherland. There are limitations of surf places that offer classes on how to hang the area’s star waves. If surfing isn’t your thing, don’t worry. And the beaches in Taghazout are wide, gorgeous, and very comfortable. 

Essaouira Seasides

Essaouira Seasides

The port metropolis of Essaouira is full of a rich past. And as seen in its rich architecture and active medina. It’s also residence to a half-moon coast that seems to go on permanently. There is so much room on the beach that it seldom touches congested. And as you manage camels giving by and windsurfers in the space. 


At last, this paper will highlight the Casablanca, Morocco seaside Casablanca. And it is a city with a lot running on. The pace of residence is fast, and the individuals are humming. But when a vacation is needed, it’s good to know there are a bunch of beaches nearby.

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