Discover the Beauty of Rif Valley Mountains Hike Trails

Rif Valley Mountains Hike

We were told that the Rif Valley Mountains Hike in Morocco was a very recommended venture. The Rif Mountains appear like a wonderful site to go hiking and experience travel; that is any activity that I always love to do. 

While our whole day was lovable, there were many petrol filling stations on the road. We could have enjoyed a similar greater day if we had been familiar with some of the details mentioned below so carry on reading and get started on making a travel program to Rif Valley Mountain Hike. 

Rif Mountains Hiking: Important Information

Rif Mountains Hiking


How to Reach the Mountains of Rif 

Most likely, you would drive from Chefchaouen to the Rif Mountains. It is important to keep in mind that there are no neighboring train or airport terminals when traveling to Chefchaouen. Therefore, traveling by road from Fes or Tangier to Chefchaouen is a very effective option. 

There are numerous hiking ways that start and end at the Rif Mountains village of Akchour. We inspect the best routes to take a taxi from Chehchaoun to Akchour. However, the natives did not appear to give us advice, so we were lovely last. At first, we waited for a common pickup or grand taxi. However, after waiting for extra guests for forty minutes, we made the quick decision to book a private taxi. 

We paid one-fifty dirham for this one-way, but we could have saved twenty -five dirham by common a taxi. However, it took about 40 minutes to drive from Chefchaouen city center to Akchour. The way meandered through breathtaking dramatic scenery on an extremely vertical and turning road. 

Where to Stay in the Area

Chefchaouen is a very good location to stay in the area.

I heartily recommend Dar El Rio, where we stayed. You can see a larger list of restaurants in Chefchaouen on or inspect rates here.

What to Bring on a Rif Valley Mountains Hike

For Rif Valley Mountains Hike pack many layers of clothing and rain gear is necessary for a day hike. As we climb up, the weather outstandingly alternates. It was much colder and windier in the Rif Mountains, even though Chefchaouen had blue skies and sunshine. There were even moments of heavy rain! It appears like we are knowledgeable about every kind of weather system while hiking in the Rif Mountains for a single day. There were times when the rain had left us saturated and especially cold.

Water and food are meals not required necessary for the hike, in my thinking. There are a ton of little stands to get rid of drinks and snacks all along the way. 

Selecting a Path

For the Rif Valley Mountains Hike,  We selected to start in the village of Akchour for the reason that we had heard that there was a wonderful hike that led from here to many magnificent cascades and that there was also a dissimilar route that led to “God’s Bridge.” Yes, this is the initial starting point, but it will appear unusual at first. There is no more to see, and not many reminders either. Moreover, there is no phone signal.

It was actually hard to find your route around because there was no map or reminders. For an hour, we even wandered in the wrong supervision. It was a little irritating that there weren’t many locals around to ask questions for directions. We didn’t understand we were going the wrong route until we ran into many other hikers who were heading back. 

The stroll from the little village of Akchour to the river region is needed to see the fall-down cascades (I promise that the starting point is clear!).

Upcoming, make sure that you lay hold of the split to the left at the little bridge. Once more, keep the river to your right as you pass behind a lot of cafes and restaurants.

From here, it takes around 1.5 hours to reach the cascades, where an excess of little cafeterias and sellers sell water, snacks, and food

Is it okay to Hike by Yourself in the Rif Mountains?

In the Rif Mountains, we were two 25-year-olds hiking by ourselves. We felt safe and sound most of the time, but because there weren’t a lot of people near, we thought about how long it would take to detect anyone if something were to occur.

The way was mostly vacant, with most of the cafeterias and meal stops being given up. Being there in the center of April left us fully confused. I would much rather travel with a conductor if I were to go once more, whether by myself or with another guy. 

Using a Tour Guide when Traveling 

Should I accept a day to Rif Valley Mountains Hike, I would offer to hire a guide for some ideas. It’s very easy to get fully lost in this location without any supervision indication, phone favor, details, or even anyone to ask.

Has hiking ever taken hold of you between the Rif Mountains? How was it found by you? Tell me in the space provided for observation! 

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Trekking in Chefchaouen 

Trekking in Chefchaouen 

Stay near the town and take a half-day or afternoon excursion, finding the hillsides that are only past the meandering blue streets.

Take the roads major up towards Hotel Atlas as you depart from the medina. A famous series that carries on to climb up to the sky can be started here.

 You’ll be paid with a wonderful viewpoint at the peak that permits you to stare down at Chefchaouen and the nearby elevation. 

Jebel al Kalaa is one of the very hard ways and takes up to nine hours to complete. It is very good to use a common tour attendant as it is not very well decided. It’s valuable climbing for the scenes. 

God’s Bridge and Akchour 


Many people make use of Chefchaouen as their starting point earlier than making the long and turning hike to Azilane, even though the hike rightfully starts in Azilane.

From here, the climb up to God’s Bridge, or Pont de Dieu, takes nearly half a day.  

This splendid natural milestone is very beautiful, viewed as the sun sets. It is a huge, noticeable red rock development that sticks out between the valleys.

You can spend the night in Akchour from here. The upcoming day is a challenging hike to the Akchour cascades along Farda.

Expend some time cooling off in the invigorating river and fall at these remarkable natural cascades.  

The vision you will see along the two days of that modern hike will make the attempt worthwhile. 

Talassemtane National Park 

Talassemtane National Park 

This two-day hike with small villages and animal-rich forests needs a guide and a hybrid.

Before making your route to the inside of the park, the hike guide you to the village of Aghram, where you can obtain an accurate taste of agricultural Moroccan life and get to know the residents.

Home to the cruel macaques of the region, the Talassemtane National Park is a huge stretch of rocky cliffs, fresh rivers, and cedar and fir trees.  

This is a wonderful guided hike that breezes with the wilderness and up to the mountains.

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