Discover Morocco’s Rose Valley Best Travel Tips and Accommodations

Morocco Valley Of Roses

The Dades Valley is famous as the Morocco Valley Of Roses. Every year, thousands of beautiful pink soft rose flowers decorate it with a great, attractive fragrance. The nature gave it a magical beauty and prehistoric culture. The rose flower has played an important role for centuries across the world. 

They are symbols of pleasure, calm, and prosperity. Moreover, in Morocco, flowers have a significant role in traditional ceremonies like weddings, romantic offers, and many other occasions. Moreover, people get rose oil after harvesting it, use it in everyday life, and export the oil to other countries. 

Therefore, visitors from across the world visit this flowering valley and enjoy various rose festivals. So we also recommend our audience to visit these blossoms and the Cheerful Rose Festival and enjoy the ceremonies. 

Kalaat M’gouna Business Center 

Kalaat M'gouna

This is a vibrant place where you can find coffee, administrative services, and banks in El Kalaa. It is also famous as the business center of Rose Valley, and you will also look at based product shops. 

Furthermore, you will also spend some of your time shopping for gifts for your family and friends. Finally, for more than fifty years, the Kalaat Mgouna has been holding the rose festival each year.  

What to Perform in Morocco Valley Of Roses? 

Hiking in the pink garden is a must during the harvesting season. On the other hand, it will increase your enjoyment and excellent tour by visiting your family and friends. Moreover, Shopping for different imported products from all over the world is a main activity in the valley. However, the most famous and attractive activity is buying rose products. 

The valley offers various high-quality products to purchase at reasonable prices. In conclusion, It will be a cheerful and blossoming festival to experience the rose corporation industry. In fact, it can be quite informational due to witnessing the full experience of rose essence extraction.   

How to Access Morocco Valley Of Roses?


Traveling 100 kilometers on the national route, N10 will take one and a half hours to reach from Ouarzazate to Kallat Mgouna.

The tile highway and The driving is simple on the way to the valley. You can also stop and see the Skoura Oasis en route if you intend to spend the night in the valley.


In Contrast, a Grand Taxi can be shared to get to Kallat Mgouna. Every day, a number of taxis leave from the bus terminal in Ouarzazate.

By Bus

Numerous buses travel the N10 route daily and stop at Kalaat Mgouna. You can check the CTM bus station or the bus terminal in Ouarzazate. In Contrast, the Grand Taxi travel can be quicker than the bus ride.

Best Hotels In Rose Valley

Best hotels In Rose Valley

The hotels in the country are named riads or villas, depending on the region. Although there is a wide range of hotels in Morocco with different choices and prices. The price and choices totally depend on the quality of the residence and facilities. Most of the hotels or riads in the valley are modified kasbahs. 

Take Lifetime Memories and Images.

Unexpectedly, taking photos of women in the countryside may not be a good idea. Locals, particularly ladies, detest having their photos taken by outsiders. But if you can get someone to beg for permission and introduce you, they might say yes. In addition, the simplest method to accomplish. That is to go to a nearby cooperative and inquire about taking pictures of their harvests and fields. People will be glad to assist you. All in all, remember that people harvest roses early in the morning. 

The Best Time Period to Visit Rose Valley

Best time to Visit Rose Valley

May is the best option of the time period to visit the great Rose Valley. The soft pink flower will welcome you by surrounding you with its good fragrance. You will take a sweet fragrance that fills your lungs as it originates from natural rose plants. However, it will be a cheerful visit to oil factories that are really good to see. The Rose Valley is a perfect place to get a break from the daily routine of life. You will feel relaxed and forget all of your worries in this awesome natural environment of forestation and flowers.    

M’Goun Rose Festival

The small Berber town Kallaat M’gouna ground east of Ouarzazate on top of the Atlas.

Mountain base. The name el qala is an Arabic term meaning fortress M’ Gouna. The valley covers several kilometers on the banks of M Goun. Moreover, it is one of the most admirable sites in south Morocco. April or May are a great choice to walk on the path of the rose because, in this season, flowers exhale their perfume mix with almond trees and wheat. Museum of the Rose Festival prepares after the harvesting of roses. 

The Rose-Infused Museum

The population of Kelaat M’Gouna is a significant social and commercial hub. However, in the area, it doubles during the rose festival. In fact, both foreign visitors and locals from Moroccan cities like the festival very well. Moreover, in the Kingdom, they come to explore perfumes and cosmetics products by distilling rose petals. Keep in mind full well that rose water is highly valued in traditional daily meals and in oriental pastries. Usually lasting three days, it begins in the second week of May.

People get dressed up in their finest attire, exchange rosewater and petals, sing, and dance in the streets performing traditional dances. Like the sword dance, either the bee dance or the hideous. Throughout the entire procession, a young single lady is crowned Miss of the Roses for the day. Moreover, the lady will travel around on her floral-decorated float to the sounds of music and singing.

Treasure of Kalaat M’Gouna

The Rosa Damascena back in the tenth century, according to an oral tradition. After several Berber pilgrims aback by the beauty and scent of the flower. While they were traveling back from Mecca. The pilgrims brought some types of roses and planted them in the region of Kalaat. As they take these plants, some seeds fall and germinate on the way. 

These magnificent plants give fame to this region of High Atlas by blooming and embellishing it. Therefore, this region of the top Atlas is famous as a rose valley. April and May are two months that keep Berber women busy in the day to harvest rose. Only two factories, M’Gouna and Souk-el-Khemis, process nearly 1000 tons of rose petals.  

Morocco’s Rose Festival and the Valley of Roses in 2022

Morocco's Rose Festival

Moroccan ladies begin gathering the priceless rose petals in the Atlas Mountains. in the area known as the Valley of Roses in April, a few weeks prior to the commencement of the Kalaat M” Gouna Rose Festival, also known as the Moussem of Roses or Morocco Rose Festival.

Luxury rose water uses around a thousand tonnes of roses for the complete production of water. The valley offers one of the most breathtaking views of southern Morocco and spans several tens of kilometers. Moreover, you should stroll along its paths early in the morning in April when the roses bloom and release their aroma along with the scents of the blossoming almond trees. In conclusion, It will be a captivating stroll that you won’t soon forget.

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