What Is A Moroccan Hammam? A Guide For Moroccan Hammam

Moroccan Hammam

Everyone who comes to Morocco for a tour, it is too important for him to visit the Moroccan Bathhouse and appreciate the vast radius of the communal bathroom was also designed in old Turkish, and the advantages are doubtlessly in the record of their bucket. Finally, Roman fashion, the historic Moroccan Bathhouse, is a perfect experience. 

The Moroccan Hammam lay hold of their encouragement with very original bathrooms constructed by the Roman realm more than 2000 years before, erect to grow the tourist’s health. Thumbprints in current Morocco are almost palpable in the Moroccan bathhouses. 

The former dressing rooms speedily get bigger in Islamic Moroccan arts in many moderations which makes them very attractive and beautiful than others. Commonly, Moroccan bathhouses are also placed close to mosques to make the salvation of body and conscience an earlier invocation practice.

The Two Types of Moroccan Hammam

  1.    The local Bathhouse
  2.    The tourist’s Bathhouse

At your earliest tour, I encourage you to move into a visitor hammam, which is familiar as a bathhouse spa. Or you perhaps only obtain a hammam cure at your riad

You will perceive a convenient. Moreover, bathhouse spas have anyone there who supports you with the procedure, after they will presume that you do not know anything what to do. 

When you feel that the tourist’s bathhouses are very pleasant, then you cannot lose the expedition to a Moroccan Hammam, where you acquire practice about the interior of the Moroccan civilization. 

Some Steps for a Moroccan Bathhouse 

Moroccan Bathhouse 

Get Unclothe- what do You Dress in a Moroccan Tath? 

When you reach the Moroccan Bathhouse, a steward welcomes you and displays the replacement area; in that room, they provide you with a garment and a trunk and inform you to unclothe. 

Ladies move into the bath with nothing on or have a bathing costume base or undergarments in the bathroom. 

Men need only underwear in the base to go into the hammam. You have to use only undergarments or one piece, and many times, they give you artificial underwear to cover your body while going into the bathroom. 

For the first time when you feel comfortable in these dresses, take you are costume and go to meet up with your bathhouse waiter. 

For Ladies: When you are on period, go into the Moroccan hammam then must wear a blockade and dress a high-quality undergarment. 

Moderate for Some Times 

The steward gets hold of your bathing costume and attendant you to the hot, bathroom in which you warmly be able to see things. Firstly, your experience is to take it easy and also feel comfortable. The condensation opens all your foramen and many wide breathings which gives you help to come out of the pressure of roving with the Moroccan strolls. 

Cleaner Up

A few minutes later or more, the steward comes back with a basin of massive dark cleaner. This glance is small, similar to glucose or rude grease, but take it easy because it will make your skin shine and be comfortable. 

While the steward cleansers your legs, feet, back, and face, you will be required to be on your feet, breathe, and turnabout. She might even grab for your butt choppers by running her hand around the back of your undergarments. 

After applying the cleansers, you can expand much more time while you lie down and let this breath caress your body. I realize this is a pressure, huh? 

Give It a Hot Shower 

The waiter will come back with a molded pail or a big kettle made of wood water, conditional on the Bathhouse. She will take off the water along with a shovel and wash out your cleansers with that shovel. 

I have never used this water because it is hot. 

Rough Scour 

After all the cleansers are removed from your body, the persecution begins. I want to tell you about this, but I am surely not afraid of you. However, this stride can be extraordinarily annoying. 

The steward will also remove the outer layer of dead skin from your body using a rough sandpaper similar to the bathhouse mitt. It’s amazing how much older your crust is in the West compared to the Moroccan, who regularly slough your complete body. 

If you are advised somewhat hard by the waiter, this is not shocking. If objects are enhanced too hard, do not be scared to inform her too slowly. 

Shampoo on Your Hair


A hair wash is also a section of your treatment if you are at one of the further superior bathhouses. Enjoy the usual treat of this; anyone else cleans your hair for you until you feel comfortable. What a charm. 

After All, Unravel with Some Tea 

Following are polishing and washing, there is one more beautiful comfortable thing which is very necessary for you which is for you to do after all these steps. After putting down your costume earlier, you want to go to the enjoyment place and be in the service of the ballistic cup of tasty Moroccan tea. At this place, if you do something similar to mine, your mentality will be upset-free, and your body will be preserved. You will get the opportunity to adjust yourself to a farther world along with a shiner, further assured kind of yourself after that cup of tea. 

Moroccan tea


Some Advice for Visiting the Local Moroccan Bathhouses

How to Find the Local Bathhouse 

Look external for some of the following signs that an established bathhouse is nearby as you drift with the medina way near your road. 

  1.  Wood plenty by the border of the road 
  2. A doorway that goes down a lofty flight of escalator shows a flaming fire 

You will find a Moroccan bathhouse if some of these objects appear. 

What to Carry to a Moroccan Bathroom 

Moroccan bathroom

The local bathroom cannot give you things that you can use in the bath, in comparison with the tourist’s bathroom. You must carry with you the necessary things which you require during the bath in the local Bathroom

  • A little amount with you, in return for using the Bathhouse you have to pay nearly about 10 dirhams 
  • A handkerchief hose or underwear with a bathing outfit

Meanwhile, the dark cleanser is a choice; local bathhouses only use batten cleansers. 

Before you depart from the local Bathhouse, you can simply buy a bath gauntlet and many cleansers for a few dollars. 

Based on Your Early Tour of a Bathhouse, what did You Cat Expect? 

When you reach the Bathhouse, an employee will come to say hello to you and give you a costume and towelette. The steward of the Bathhouse will appear to you in various rooms and switch on the drizzle. Also, cleansers are accessible here if you assume that your body requires one more shed. 

Since a message is assumed to be a moderate practice, it is important that you are easy at the time of period. Don’t feel uncomfortable about being hesitant about appropriating undressed in front of the crowd, the waiter brings their own towelette to make sure that the visitor can not feel uncomfortable with the first experience.          


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