Morocco Earthquake: Latest Updates and Travel Advice

Earthquake in Morocco and safe to travel

Earthquake in Morocco and Safe to Travel

Generally, people ensure their safe journey before travelling from different angles. Morocco is not susceptive to seismic across the world like other regions. On the other hand, If I say the seismical ratio is zero, it will be dishonest.

Earthquakes can take place in several areas of the country with different intensities of magnitude. In conclusion, it is essential to stay informed about the situation and the potential for seismic activity while travelling to Morocco. Additionally, make sure to take safety measures.

The second last earthquake was a big seism in the country with a magnitude of 4.1. The seismologists registered a 4.1 intensity earthquake near Agadir in January 2015.

Recent Earth Quake in Morocco

Recent Earth Quake in Morocco

Recently, an earthquake took place in Morocco in the late evening of Friday. In the current seismic event, the earthquake killed 1,000 people and injured around 1200.

The main target of the earthquake was the top of the Atlas mountain. And it also affected an area covering 44 miles southwest of Marrakech.

 Several villages have been impacted, and they are remote and hard to reach. The epicenter of the earthquake was in Medina, and it caused damage to many aged buildings.

The region Affected by the earthquake

region Affected by the earthquake

The main target of the earthquake was central Morocco in the Atlas Mountains.

The earthquake primarily affected central areas. The recent earthquake damaged buildings in  neighboring tourist hubs, and UNESCO-recognized World Heritage sites were also affected. It is a remote and popular part of the City. Many buildings are estimated to be old and lack the ability to resist earthquakes.

Most of the deaths have been recorded in the hills region, which are hard to reach and rescue.            Reports confirm that more than a thousand people have been confirmed.

The Areas Which Are Not Affected

Areas Which Are Not Affected

People also noticed the earthquake convulsion in Portugal and Spain. The most damaged areas were the region near the epicenter. 

In the west coastal region, some houses and buildings are exteriors. Agadir and Essaouira have suffered damage, but they are not largely damaged.

The regions of Fez, the capital of Rabat, and Casablanca, in the North, remain unaffected by the convulsion.

 Is There Any Threat to Travel Morocco  

Recently, an earthquake changed the plane and daily routine. The rescue operations are still running and trying to continue the traffic as usual.

Recent seismic activity has blocked the traffic if you are currently embarking on a trip to Marrakech. It is best to talk about the current situation of your target with your operator.

Probably, there will be a tumbler in the region in the next few days. Generally, the Area will be under rescue operation, which means a trip to the Area few days will be disturbing.

Consequently, we should postpone the trip. The City relies on tourism, and we will welcome visitors as soon as it’s secure and reasonable to do so. However, the rest of the state remains unaffected by the seismic activity. So there is no reason to cancel the trip.

Can I cancel My Trip due to the quake

If you decide to journey outside of the damaged areas, then you should act on your decision. 

If you decide to cancel your trip, any other logic will be considered a  reluctance, and you may lose some costs.

In the event that you want to go to Marrakesh or the Chart Book Mountains. in the following a long time, check with your movement organization. 

Trips to Marrakesh are still departing as scheduled. So the only thing that could disrupt your trip is the accommodation and any reserved tours. If you have booked a package holiday, your tour operator will likely offer you the option to postpone your trip. And it’s best to contact your tour operator.

Marrakech Airport is still working and operating

Many flights reached Marrakech on the day of seismic counting British Airways, EasyJet, and Tui from London. Before the earthquake, the return leg departed.  

The Marrakech aviation continued to work as usual since the seismic. The next day, seismic Saturday morning start flight by usual Royal Air Maroc for Casablanca. 

After that, Air France, Ryanair, Transavia, and Tui depart to several French airports. Two canceled flights are from Marrakech to Brussels and Beauvais in Northern France.


Keep information released by the government and suggestion issues by the advisories.

Keep in contact with the embassy or console about your traveling.

Follow local guidelines and get help for any serious situation.

Save your documents and passport in safe areas.

Use authentic tour operators and information for drive and venture.

What are the Choices for English Visitors Who wish to leave the Area

At present, there are no designs for transport. Without any affirmation in actuality, the suspicion will be that you travel home as expected.

English Aviation routes have placed on a bigger airplane for its departure from Marrakech on Saturday night. To permit whatever number of BA travelers as would be prudent who need to return home right on time to do as such.

Safety Measures 

However, the crucial seismic are corresponding infrequent in Morocco. Being prepared at all times for every kind of situation is a mark of cleverness. Mention the safety information to keep yourself secure and protected.

Some important measures you should keep include “Drop, Cover, and Hold on. You should also keep in mind the removal path from the building or hotel where you are staying. 

Infrastructure Modification to Ensure Safety

The Moroccan government is trying to change the framework and architecture status. They want to ensure the safety of locals and foreigners as well as the tourism is increasing.

The Area especially has made an effort to resist the seismic venture in the urban regions. So far, architects and engineers have designed many buildings and hotels with advanced features.

Be careful during booking the residence in the hotels, villas, or riads. These constructions have the ability to resist and ensure safety.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance generally offers membership for a vast range of unforeseen events and emergencies. These memberships provide help and guidance to get rid of these natural disasters during the trip.

However, this insurance cannot stop the storm or earthquake or promise your safety. On the other hand, they can help and provide aid and alleviate the financial impact. 

And they give support to any cause you are suffering such events. This is all about how travel insurance can support some extent of safety and help in the events.   

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