Casablanca to Marrakech: A Journey Through Morocco’s Heart

Casablanca to Marrakech

Marrakesh is the fourth biggest city in Morocco. It is the capital of the mid-southwest territory of Marrakesh-Safi. It is arranged on the west side of the Atlas Mountains. Saturated around 580 km southwest of Tangier, 327 km south of Rabat, Morocco’s capital, 239 km south of Casablanca, and 246 km northwest of Agadir. Yet, the final thing to worry about when traveling from Casablanca to Marrakech is the means to get there.

Is There a Train from Casablanca to Marrakech?

The response to this question is Yes. It is fast, opportunely, and relatively affordable from the bus. You can also journey from Casablanca to Marrakech by car in 2.5 hours because the distance from Casablanca to Marrakech is 241 km.

Casablanca to Marrakech via Train

Casablanca to Marrakech via Train

For most visitors, the preferred mode of transportation between Marrakech and Casablanca is the train. While it may not be the cheapest option, it’s significantly faster than the bus. The train journey from Marrakech to Casablanca takes just under three hours. The duration might vary depending on factors such as trail congestion and the time of day you travel. Generally, you can expect your train experience to last around 3 hours.

The cost of your train travel is influenced by the time of your journey. Full-time and weekend travelers may incur higher costs, especially if they opt for off-peak times on weekdays. On average, you can anticipate paying between 90 MAD (approximately $10) and 191 MAD (around $20).

Booking Train Ticket

A fantastic way for visitors to purchase train tickets is by going to the train station. The reason I say it’s easiest for tourists to purchase their tickets at the train station is due to the fact that you buy them online, and you like to have a Moroccan card.

So, see the train station and buy your train expense tag from Marrakech to Casablanca. I advise going to the station and shopping for your price tag some days before your thought-out date.

The travel from Marrakech to Casablanca is rather famous, and there’s a hazard that train tickets can be shown on the day you require to depart. Trains for Casablanca depart from the main station in Marrakech called Marrakech Railway Station.

Casablanca to Marrakech Via Bus

The bus is a chunk less costly than the train. Yet, it takes longer. If you’re on an extended journey, taking the bus isn’t going to waste your time in Morocco. The bus to Casablanca from Marrakech takes around four hours.

You can locate a genuinely reasonable fee that keeps you in a mess compared to the train, or you could pay essentially the exact quantity as a train ticket. The bus takes an extra hour in comparison to the train.

If you’re taking the bus, make sure to find a less expensive ticket, so you’re spending much less than the train price.

Booking Bus Ticket

Like train tickets, you’ll purchase your bus cost tag at the station before you depart. The bus station is good round the corner to the train station so that you can effortlessly shift from one to the opposite to try out price tag prices in case you want.

I suggest shopping for your price tag as soon as possible to ensure you get the bus you like. As said, the bus depot is good round the crossroad from the railway station. You’ll likely take a cab to the bus station, so inform them what bus station you like to head to. The bus station is known as  CTM bus station.

How to Get from Casablanca Air Terminal to Marrakech?

If you are traveling from Casablanca airport to Marrakech, you have two choices: cab or train. It would be most useful if you moved by cab because it will take you fast to your destination in 1240-1860 MAD.

What to Find in Marrakesh?

Bahia Palace

Bahia Palace

Bahia Palace in Marrakesh is a masterpiece of Moroccan architecture from the 19th century. The name “Bahia” really means beautiful and brilliant, which explains what you will visit inside.

The palace has many inside parks and yards and is richly decorated with colorful mosaics.

Koutoubia Mosque

Koutoubia Mosque

This is the biggest mosque in Marrakesh and is found in the Medina as well. The minaret is 77 meters high, and the full mosque is adorned with lovely decorations. There is a big plaza with parks where you can take a rest.

Walk Around the Business Sectors and Souks

Shopping and bargaining are a big part of every journey to Morocco. Though you may feel that you don’t need to purchase anything, you may fast change your mentality. You will discover many roads full of shops for leather interests, clothes, souvenirs, bags, etc. Strolling around is a major social encounter you ought to have in Marrakesh.

Where to eat Restaurants in Marrakesh

Cafe Restaurant Cingfeur

Found in the exact center of the Medina in Marrakesh, Cingfeur was a great spot for our rather standard lunch in Morocco. It is situated on a rooftop terrace with a lovely sight of the city and the markets. With a choice of couscouses and tagines, you can test out various standard meals. And, of practice, you can’t miss the well-known Moroccan mint tea with lots of sugar. The prices are extremely low – 33 DRH for veggie couscous and 55 DRH for chicken tagine. 

Koulchi Zine

You’ll recognize this restaurant by the Beatles silhouettes smeared out front. Koulchi Zine has a fine choice of Morrocan and Mediterranean meals, good structure, and service. There are several floors and separate spaces where you can find privacy or want the open rooftop terrace.

Jama Restaurant

Jama is a good, simple, and relaxing little restaurant found on a main market street (Rue Riad Zitoun el Jdid). You can test standard food at inexpensive prices on a nice patio.

Street Food on Jemaa el-Fnaa Square

The food stalls on the major square in Marrakesh’s Medina are another fantastic choice for eating out in the city. There are plenty of options to choose from, and they look delicious as nicely. On top of that, the main square is extremely alive during dinner time.

Where to Stay in Marrakesh

stay in Marrakesh

Riad 17 Dar Chamar

For our journey to Marrakesh, we stayed in a riad inside the Medina of the city. Riads are classic Moroccan houses that usually have large walls and little windows on the exterior but big interior parks.

We found Riad 17 Dar Chamar on Airbnb. It is found just about 3 minutes from Bahia Palace and about 8-10 minutes from the central square Jemaa el-Fnaa.

The Riad was everything I could ask for. It has 3 bedrooms with double beds found on the first and second floor, a kitchen, a little pool on the patio and a big living room. Riad 17 Dar Chamar can accommodate 6 people.

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